Reverse Migration

by Alian713 and T90bois and mods!

Opposite of migration: All players start on the same Island and have low resources to begin and outer islands spawn with more resources. The catch however is that there is only one type of resource per island so players must fight it out!

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In the map, players start on a central island with little resources, and smaller islands spawn around the main island with a lot of resources... the catch however is that each island has only one kind of resource so players must battle it out for monopoly of the resources! Map is usually played on KOTH and Regicide (both together) But it is possible to exclude either setting and keep one of them still on. You start with 2 near boar 1 far boar 2 berry bushes 4 sheep 4 gold and 4 stone. Number of outer islands depends upon map size: Tiny and Small: 1 of each resource Medium: 2 of each resource and 1 for food Large: 3 of each resource and 2 for food Huge and above: 4 of each resource and 2 for food *Requirements: - Map requires AoC UP 1.5+ to play *Recommended Settings: - Game: KOTH (King Of The Hill) - Map Style: Custom - Location: V1.2_Rev_Mig_Reg_KOTH.rms - Map Size: according to player number - Difficulty: Standard - Resources: Low (This enables regicide)/ Standard (This disables regicide) (* Yes, Its a bit weird but the resource amount determines if the game is regicide or not!) - Pop: 200 - Game speed: Normal - Reveal map: Normal - Starting age: Standard - Victory: Standard