Masters of RMS

Random Map Contest

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Submission deadline: Tuesday, 15. September 2020, 23:59 UTC

This is the page for the map contest for Masters of RMS.

The best map will be featured as the opening map for the grand final of the tournament. The winner of the contest will also get a share of the prizepool reserved for map creators.

Rules and Settings

This tournament will be a showcase for map creators so they can let their creativity flow. As a result, the requirements will be minimal:

  1. Map must work in AoE2:DE
  2. It has to be suitable for 1v1
  3. It has to be competitive in standard 1v1 ranked queue settings (tiny map, conquest victory, dark age start, etc.)
  4. In the case of herdables spawning near the starting TC, one of them must be under control of the player
  5. You can only submit one map
  6. Only original maps are allowed

Please submit the .rms file of your map alongside a brief description and optionally a nice screenshot of your creation in game (.jpg or .png).

The judging criteria used by the judges will be:

  • Competitiveness (is the map competitive and balanced)
  • Complexity (can the map be the theatre for a fairly wide range of strategic approaches and playstyles)
  • Originality (is the map one-of-its-kind or does it feel generic)
  • Visual appeal (does the map look nice)

The judges for this contest are Chrazini, Henkdesupernerd, Zetnus, AlgernonR, T-West, and Nili_AoE.

Good luck!

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