Age Of Empires II

24 Hours

Random Map Contest

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Contest 1

Opens: Saturday 3 November 14GMT
Closes: Sunday 4 November 14GMT

Competitive Random Map

»Ancient mysteries: (pre-)historic, wild tribes, jungle, ancient civilizations«

Submissions and Results

»» AoEZone Post ««

The map must be suited for competitive play in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 setting.

The map must fit in current meta, although slight changes are accepted.

Nomad games don’t start with a town center, but with extra resources.

Maps should aim to create interesting, and balanced gameplay.

Contest 2

Opens: Saturday 10 November 14GMT
Closes: Sunday 11 November 14GMT

Community Random Map

»Haunted Islands: deep sea, storm, ghosts, pirates, sea-monsters«

Submissions and Results

»» AoEZone Post ««

Community Maps should primarily be played as 8 players Free For All.

These maps must be primarily entertaining to watch and play. Fairness is not as important as in competitive maps, although too much imbalance will negatively influence playing experience.

Go crazy with your imagination to create unique game modes, add additional objectives, introduce diplomacy aspects or mess around with attributes.

Contest 3

Opens: Saturday 17 November 14GMT
Closes: Sunday 18 November 14GMT

Scenario-based Random Map

»City of God: architecture, wonders, palace, labyrinth, civilization, angels, heaven«

Submissions and Results

»» AoEZone Post ««

For this challenge you must make an interesting map with a fixed shape, which facilitates a balanced 8 player Free For All game.

By combining a scenario design with a random map you can create beautiful worlds with some random generation. Examples of these maps are the special maps (as found in the HD-version) or Real World maps.

The ZipRandomMap (ZR) consists of one scenario file (.scx) and one random map script file (.rms)