Without an account on this site, you can:

  • Read this very informative page
  • Browse, view and download maps (.rms files)
  • Download modified versions of maps (for example a Sudden Death version for UserPatch)
  • Browse and download map collections
  • Have a random map selected for you from a collection
  • Search for maps or authors by name
  • Use the Mappack Creator to create mappacks (a mappack is a single .rms file that generates one of multiple maps randomly with approximately equal probability)

When you create an account on this site and login, you can additionally:

  • Upload maps with descriptions and metadata, image(s), and tags, as well as the info which game versions the map works with
  • Edit the information of your maps
  • Upload new versions of your maps (the old map will display a link to the newer version, while all collections will directly include the new map)
  • Remove/archive your maps so they are not available anymore except via their direct url or if they are still part of a collection
  • Create map collections
  • Edit your map collections
  • Express your affection towards a map by clicking the button
  • Undo your expression of affection by clicking the button again
  • Log in and log out
  • Change your password
  • Add and remove an email address to/from your profile
  • Have a password reset link sent to you by email (only if your profile contains an email address)
I improved my map. How do I upload the new version?

You can indeed upload a new version of your map. We even display a brief history / changelog for maps of which multiple versions have been uploaded.
Uploading a new version of a map is a straightforward process:

  1. While logged in, click on the "Upload new version" button on the main page of the map you want to update. This is only available for your own maps.
    Alternatively, you can click on the small dropdown arrow next to the map on your My maps page and select, you guessed it, "Upload new version".
  2. The regular "New Map" dialog appears, but some fields are already filled out (like "Name", "Authors" or "Description") – they contain the values from the old map for your convenience. Select the new .rms file and new images and/or select images from the previous version that you wish to copy over, fill in or edit the values in the remaining input fields ("Version" and "Changelog" might be especially interesting here) and click "Upload" – and you are all set!
  3. The new version is now available on the website.
  4. In all collections, your own and those of others, the old version got replaced with the new version you just uploaded.
  5. The old version displays a notice that a newer version is available.
How To Play Random Map Scripts

Depending on the version you use, save the .rms files you can download from this site in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources\_common\random-map-scripts
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD\resources\_common\random-map-scripts
HD+Voobly (using the Compatibility Patch)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD\Random
HD/Voobly/Wololo Kingdoms
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\WololoKingdoms\Script.Rm
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Random
AoC/Voobly/Wololo Kingdoms
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Voobly Mods\AOC\Data Mods\WololoKingdoms\Script.Rm

If you happen to have installed Steam / Age of Empires II into a different folder, adjust the paths accordingly.

In the game, select the following:

  • Game: Random Map
  • Map Style: Custom
  • Location: (your map script)
Wololo Kingdoms

Play the HD expansions on Voobly with the Wololo Kingdoms mod! You must own the expansions on Steam in order to play with Wololo Kingdoms.

Download Wololo Kingdoms from GitHub.
How To Create Random Map Scripts

Look at this handy collection of guides

Of course you can create and edit your .rms files with Notepad, but that is no fun. There are plugins for various editors that provide, to varying degree and quality, syntax highlighting, syntax checking and code completion.

ZR Maps

ZR stands for "Zip Random" – a ZR map is a zip file that contains a random map script, a scenario file, and optionally additional resources. ZR maps cannot be edited directly with a text editor like regular rms files. Instead, they must be extracted, their contents can then be edited separately, and can then be combined again in a zip file. These zip files must not compress their contents but rather store them.

ZR maps only work with User Patch 1.5. The "real world" maps in the game however use the same technique.

ZR maps allow for fixed terrain and optionally fixed player positions, while handling the resource distribution in the rms script. It is also possible to override graphics resources, for example to give a specific terrain a new look. Triggers however (like in custom scenarios) do not work with ZR maps.

How To Create Full Map Screenshots

Press Ctrl+F12 ingame. This only works in the original / Voobly version. It does not work in the HD version, sadly.

How We Use Your Email Address

When you have an account on this website, you can add an email address. This is entirely optional. If you added an email address to your account, you can remove it at any time. It will then be gone from the website. It might remain in some backup files though, because that is how those backups work.

We will never use such an email address to send you marketing messages, advertisements or spam. Should you receive such content on an email address that you use exclusively on this website, please inform us (see below), so we can investigate how this was possible.

We will use such an email address:

  • to send you a link to confirm your email address when you add it
  • to send you a link to reset your password if you request it
  • to send you a message in case a map creator wants to have one of their maps that you uploaded transferred to their own account
  • to send you a message in case we discover that problematic content was uploaded by your account
  • to inform you in case we discover that we got hacked and that your email address is now possibly known to a third party
  • to inform you in case we decide to shut down this service
  • to inform you in case we decide to hand this service over to somebody else
  • to send you a message we think we should definitely send you that is not covered by the points above (that is very vague, yes, but that is the whole point of this point)


If you encounter a bug or have a technical suggestion, consider creating an Issue on GitHub.

You can contact us at , or just ping @hszemi on Twitter or Discord. You may want to do this:

  • In order to tell us about information that is wrong or missing on this page
  • If you find a map that you created was uploaded by somebody else, but you want to manage it from your own account instead
  • If you encounter problematic content (like dick pics as map images, insults in map descriptions, or whatever)
  • If you want to help with developing the platform (technologically, optically or financially)
  • To… just say hello? Or something like "thanks"… We don't know.