Unique Utopia Battle Royale Land Nomad 1

by Gundrik and HenkDeSuperNerd

the union of 2 maps. combine the madness of battle royale with the crazy combinations of getting to create any Unique unit in the game. (link to the other maps and explanation in info tab)

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might as well link the two maps with their respective explanations, as the concepts don't really affect each other most of the time. Battle royale LN, by Henk: https://aoe2map.net/map/67c237b0-b0b8-4087-90b7-e2723039ab5d Unique Utopia Land nomad: https://aoe2map.net/map/28ebc120-4896-4dbf-9f06-af9f84c59f96 the only change to have into account is that there are relics in this map, and they drop the normal amount, unlike in normal Unique Utopia. king still drops 1 relic tho