Unique Utopia Battle Royale Land Nomad

by Gundrik and HenkDeSuperNerd

the combination of 2 maps. combine the madness of battle royale with the crazy combinations of getting to create any Unique unit in the game. (link to the other maps and explanation in info tab) kings drop relics when killed

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might as well link the two maps this map is based off. It's uneeded to say, but this map is as much mine as Henk's, as without his this would not be possible: Battle royale LN, by Henk: [Link](https://aoe2map.net/map/90ab599a-3720-494d-a97b-cac8fab0bde4) Unique Utopia Land nomad: [Link](https://aoe2map.net/map/fd15450c-a267-493e-ac13-84d994371596) the only change to have into account is that there are relics in this map, and they drop the normal amount, unlike in normal Unique Utopia. king still drops 1 relic tho # Recommended settings: this map works best on FFA/ Diplo Regicide with Last man standing. map size 8 for 8 players. that being said, this map has the option to be played as a combined regicide+ King of the Hill to select regicide as part of the script, select LOW_RESOURCES in the gameroom. This will not have any affect on the starting resources. Doing so frees up the possibility to select other gamemodes such as King of the Hill # =====QUICK WORKSHOP GUIDE FOR PLAYERS===== -the workshops are 'trainable' from any outpost for 800 stone each, except the food/infantry one (1000 stone instead) because of excess of units in that one -they will all have the same icon, HOWEVER YOU WILL GET A NAME OF THE TYPE OF UNIT THEY CREATE IF YOU HOVER THE ICON - WOOD (named 'archer') has foot archers UUs (including gunpowder) - FOOD (named 'long-swordsman') has infantry UUs - STONE (named 'cavalry archer') has cav archer UUs (including gunpowder) and other UUs that don't fit other criteria (organ gun, ballista ele) - GOLD (named 'knight') has melee cavalry UUs -LEAVE AT LEAST A MARKET WORTH OF SPACE ON 2 OR MORE SIDES OF THE OUTPOST UNLESS YOU WANT IT TO BUG INTO OTHER BUILDINGS OR UNITS -ANY UNITS TRAPPED THIS WAY WILL BE FOREVER TRAPPED IN THERE -once trained, the workshop will instantly appear on whatever side it feels like, already build and ready to use or convert -they work EXTREMELY FAST -NO REFUNDS # Banned civs?: nah # BATTLE ROYALE EXPLANATION This is the improved version of Land Nomad for WololoKingdoms. Concentric rings show the reach of each storm advancement. Instead of starting at the middle, players now start spread around the map. The middle area is surrounded by an impassable wall of dead hunting wolf bodies, that will disappear after 40 minutes. One can find gold-ores (rocks) and Baobab trees that have both been adjusted to contain 999! gold or wood, to provide the players with resources for the very late game. The middle area is also revealed to all players. The storm starts at 30 minutes and will start damaging stuff at the map's edges. Every 5 minutes the explosions will creep towards the middle, leaving only a small middle area as a safe-zone. The explosions will ramp up over time in severity. At start it only does minor damage to buildings, but this changes quickly. This will force the players to move towards the middle, where they will face one another. The explosions will advance 14 times: at 0:30:00, 0:35:00, 0:40:00, 0:45:00, 0:50:00, 0:55:00, 1:00:00, 1:05:00, 1:10:00, 1:15:00, 1:20:00, 1:25:00, 1:30:00, and 1:35:00 game time. An indication of the reach of the explosions is seen from the terrain changes # UNIQUE UTOPIA EXPLANATION # The Workshops: Every of the 31 Unique units (UUs from now on) in the game in their Elite form has been divided between 4 diferent workshops: the distribution of UUs has been explained in the quick explanation. they are indestructible and convertable all workshops cost 800 stone except infantry, that has almost double the selection of units of the others and therefore costs 1000 stone to make up for it. HOWEVER workshops work at 6 times the rate of a castle to make up for it: they are not affected by conscription, but they work faster regardless (Unique techs may or may not apply, more on that later) # RELICS AND KINGS the king spawns a relic upon death # Unintended features/bugs -not being able to create UUs during castle age was not intended: it's the price of setting training points outside the castle -I think I broke fetorias in this map due to having to use the trickle workshops: I has to set the building trickle variables to 0 # [ ====================================] # [ DoEs [X] UnIt GeT AFfEcTeD By BoNuS [Y] ????? ] # [ ====================================] Look, I cannot be assed to have a full list, but by testing I can give you a few rules of thumb on if your idea works or not: 1: IF A BONUS AFFECTS A UNIQUE UNIT AND A NORMAL UNIT IN THE ORIGINAL CIV WITHOUT EXPLICITLY MENTIONING THE TWO (says something like 'infantry' or 'foot archers'), THEN IT WORKS ON OTHER UUs OF THAT CLASS for example, briton Chu-co-nus get extra range, Goth UU infantry is cheaper, etc 2: IF A BONUS MENTIONS ONLY AN ARMOR CLASS/GENERAL CLASIFICATION (says something like 'infantry' or 'foot archers'), THEN IT MOST LIKELY WORKS ON OTHER UUs OF THAT CLASS For example, Hun discount on CA's applies on UU CA's, same for the Turk's U. Tech 3: IF A BONUS IS PROVEN TO LEAVE OUT OTHER UNITS THAT FIT AMBIGUOUS WORDING/ARMOR CLASS (says something like 'infantry' or 'foot archers') THEN IT MOST LIKELY DOESN'T WORK ON OTHER UU Obsidian arrows leave out plumed archers despite the wording. other UUs are not affected by it either 4: 'SIEGE/SIEGE UNITS' BONUSES ARE NOT RELIABLE ON WORDING, EXPECT THEM NOT TO WORK ON UUs Ballista elephants are not affected by celt bonuses for example All I will say is: expect strong UUs out of not-so-flashy civs/bonuses. sometimes you just need some extra blacksmith upgrades or a bit of HD to turn something normal into a monster Special thanks to Shulker, Trirem, Algernonr and many more for answering my questions on map creation chat in T90's discord. Also to all the map testers out there, as balancing this things without them would be extremely difficultit