Battle Royale Land Nomad (WK) NEW

by HenkDeSuperNerd

In this Battle Royale map players decide themselves where to place their base - will they go to the middle to avoid the storm for as long as possible but risk becoming a target or will they go towards the resources further out before heading inwards?

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requires WololoKingdoms and UserPatch 1.5 This map has the option to be played as a combined regicide+ King of the Hill to select regicide as part of the script, select LOW_RESOURCES in the gameroom. This will not have any affect on the starting resources. Doing so frees up the possibility to select other gamemodes such as King of the Hill This is the improved version of Land Nomad for WololoKingdoms. Concentric rings show the reach of each storm advancement. Instead of starting at the middle, players now start spread around the map. The middle area is surrounded by an impassable wall of dead hunting wolf bodies, that will disappear after 40 minutes. One can find gold-ores (rocks) and Baobab trees that have both been adjusted to contain 999! gold or wood, to provide the players with resources for the very late game. The middle area is also revealed to all players. The storm starts at 30 minutes and will start damaging stuff at the map's edges. Every 5 minutes the explosions will creep towards the middle, leaving only a small middle area as a safe-zone. The explosions will ramp up over time in severity. At start it only does minor damage to buildings, but this changes quickly. This will force the players to move towards the middle, where they will face one another. The explosions will advance 14 times: at 0:30:00, 0:35:00, 0:40:00, 0:45:00, 0:50:00, 0:55:00, 1:00:00, 1:05:00, 1:10:00, 1:15:00, 1:20:00, 1:25:00, 1:30:00, and 1:35:00 game time. An indication of the reach of the explosions is seen from the terrain changes

  • BR_LN(WK).rms update (18-sept-2018) since BR_LandNomadv3: - renamed map to BR_LN(WK).rms for convenience - the width of the edge with exploding animals is reduced to a minimum, which results in a larger playing field - concentric layers are now consistent for each map size - storm advancement levels correspond more closely with the terrain steps - storm damage ticks are more frequent - amount of damage per tick slightly altered (the storm is stronger at start) - added random player positions - added nomad resources - forests are smaller in size and spaced apart to prevent objects getting stuck between wood lines - removed extra relics in middle but added extra gold-ore and trees (amount scaling with map size) - now food is more abundant on the outer layers, while gold piles will be more abundant near the center - amount of relics scales with map size - slightly changed the amount of boar and llamas on the map - removed the starting houses - added map revealers for each player in the center - updated map description and added a changelog
  • **Wololo Kingdoms is needed** A newer version was released which is included in the voobly mod: