Gardens Of War 1.0

by HeroesOfOurTime

A map that is meant to be more fun than balanced (heh) Players start scattered across islands. The only way to produce military units is to capture Workshops that are spread through all the map. The closer the workshop is to the center, the more powerful the units it will produce! Check information for recommended settings.

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Versions: WK UP1.5

Recommended settings: * 8 players, can be played with less but since the land is not randomly generated, it will always have the Giant size. * Explored map, the generation is not random so there is not really a reason to have it unexplored. * Starting age: Dark age, other ages may end up bugging the map. * Can be played in Regicide and Diplomacy. * KOTH NOT SUPPORTED, play at the risk of bugging out! In order to reach the center, players will have to chop through barriers of trees; There are 4 key areas: - The outer water ring, where the starting islands and the Crap-tier workshops with the worst units are. - The 2 mainlands, which hold plenty of resources and Medium-tier workshops. - The inner water ring, where you will find Mega-tier workshops both for water and land. - The island in the center, where the Epic-tier workshops are located, is the goal of the map: The player that controls these workshops will have extremely powerful units at his disposal. Some important notes: - No military units can be trained at all at players' buildings (if you see one that is, please contact me) with monks being the exception. - Fortifications are nerfed since it's hard to get good siege in this map, they have 35% less HP. - You can still build military buildings, but only for upgrades. - FEITORIAS DO NOT WORK, they won't give you any resources.