Zetnus's HyperRandom v5.3

by Zetnus

A massive randomizer!

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This upload is managed by: Zetnus
Versions: DE

HyperRandom generates varied maps with varied starting conditions, while generally trying to keep things fair for all players. It should work with all lobby settings and game types (1v1, TG, FFA, Empire Wars, Battle Royale, etc.). The simplest comparison would be to compare it with MegaRandom, but on a technical level it works more like ES@The_Unknown by randomizing parameters rather than drawing from a large pool of predefined layouts. I have discontinued support for HD, WoloKingdoms, UserPatch, classic AoC, however the last backwards compatible version (4.1) is available [here](https://aoe2map.net/map/0f857c/zetnuss-hyperrandom) I included several "switches" which can be used to turn on or off various types of generations, by just editing a few lines at the beginning of the script. I currently maintain the following versions: HyperRandom - All types of maps and layouts and starts. Random starting units/buildings. Random amounts of resources per animal/bush/mine. All of these things should generate the same for each player. HyperRandom Land - No oceans, lakes, rivers or ponds of any kind. No nomad or walls. HyperRandom No Islands - No full water maps without crossings; everything else remains possible. HyperRandom Nomad - Always generates nomad starts. All map styles. HyperRandom Walled - Always generates walled starts. Only land maps. HyperRandom Water - Always tries to generate hybrid or full water maps. No nomad or walls. HyperRandom x256 - Allows techs to be researched 256 times. HyperRandom Light - Random layout but standard starting units and resources. HyperRandom Light Land - No oceans, lakes, rivers or ponds of any kind. No nomad or walls. HyperRandom Light No Islands - No full water maps without crossings; everything else remains possible. _note: this download is only the standard version because I cannot add two scripts in one upload. Check the AoKH download to get the others_ Links: [Age of Empires Website](https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/829/) (Definitive Edition) [Steam Workshop](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1940139270) (HD Edition 2013) [Age of Kings Heaven Blacksmith](https://aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/showfile.php?fileid=13407) (manual download)

  • -allied vision will only activate after a TC is built on nomad starts (requires disabling it in the lobby settings) -nomad starts on maps with particularly narrow chokepoints will spawn villagers closer together and near the resources -fixed an issue where nomad could occur on island and michi maps -fixed several issues where water maps would fail to generate any water -fixed an issue where full water maps were always generating as hybrid maps instead -increased the amount of water on the water version, and increased the chance to get full water maps
  • v5.2 -docks cannot be converted until castle age on generations where players spawn with a boarding boat / monk boat -rebalanced the pool of potential starting boats to remove some of the very strong boats -tweaked the starting scout pool based on feedback -fixed some issues related to walled centers -removed nomad starts and player berries when playing deathmatch v5.1 -disabled mangrove swamp on land only -water will not be frozen on water/hybrid only -central islands are now no longer guaranteed when there is a lake -fixed an issue where horse scouts would spawn for gaia when nomad was active v5.0 -dropped support for pre-DE versions of the game (AoC, HD, UP, WK) -randomized many numerical parameters that were previously set to specific values -fixed an issue that could result in undockable water -added content from the RoR DLC including gazelles -reduced elevation on forest maps -cleaned up the mangrove maps to have fewer small islands that make it hard to build -chance for center to be surrounded by walls belonging to every player -reduced the chance of night-time color correction -horse scouts now sometimes spawn for nomad starts -increased animal variety -added additional presents for always walled/nomad/hybrid maps -walls no longer sometimes spawn on forest trees -increased the fairness of maps when playing on 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 or 2v2v2v2 -increased the map size for water or forest heavy maps -reduced the chance for a nomad start without enough wood for a TC
  • fixed a minor issue with empire wars starts
  • -non-standard starting scouts will now have the ability to autoscout -cathedrals/unique scenario editor buildings must now be defended if you start with them (this is denoted by the respective building being renamed to "Defend the Wonder" and surrounded by flags) -gaia armies and trainable units from the monument are now disabled in the light version -warwolf trebuchets are now trained as the packed version so that they can use gather points -starting house count now does a better job of adapting to starting villager+feitoria count -added circular placement for all almost all resources and objects -added a very low chance to get an iron boar (not on the lite version) -reduced the gaia animal HP regen rate to 5/min (from 10) -regicide starts now give a scout -neutral market maps now give a trade cart and also a starting player market -added Indian DLC content -gaia armies are now more variable in size -convertible lighthouses can now spawn on water maps -convertible towers and pyramids can now spawn - these only give line of sight and no other bonuses -fixed an issue with the light version where walls would only spawn for nomad starts -neutral docks may now occasionally spawn on water maps for trading -neutral markets may now occasionally spawn in the corners for trading -alpacas can now spawn as the eye-candy animal -castles for regicide will now always spawn forward (DE only) -the close starting sheep are now under player control -added a 14 villager dark age version of empire wars (castle and imperial empire wars might be added in the future)
  • v4.0 -gaia armies now generate at a much lower frequency -rebalanced scouts again - 1v1 and TG reduced scout pool unless there are starting walls -enabled all scouts again for FFA -reduced the frequency of TC towers v3.9 -reduced the probability of a feitria start -horses should no longer be trapped in forests -fixed stats on wild animals after the recent update -added another failsafe to improve ship spawns -added a 1% chance to double the relic rush relics v3.8 -chokepoints made wider on average, especially in 1v1 -removed dire wolves again because they are too buggy -on 1v1 chokepoint map styles, resources should now be balanced per player -fixed an issue where less than 3 relics were spawning -added new terrain masking for the mangrove swamp -fixed an issue where players could start too close to the center and get immediately wolf-rushed by gaia -added a 2% chance for water to have no fish at all -players are more likely to get a trade cart scout if there is a neutral market -enabled hero scouts again, but only if players start with stone walls or even stronger walls -rebalanced the scout probabilities v3.7 -fixed some missing strings for beta units -reduced the chance of starting with a monk -increased the total relic count when players start with a 'monk with relic' unit -boarding boats and monk boats can now no longer be converted -reduced maximum food in super fat berry bushes by 100 -feitoria starts will now also have a least 1 house to begin with v.3.6 -activated a 1% chance to get a monument in RM -added the option of super close starts in the center -fixed an issue where fishing ships wouldn't spawn when the dock was on shallows. However, they may now sometimes spawn far away from the dock. -fixed an issue where trees had negative wood -villagers in nomad will now avoid spawning very close to the map edges -greatly reduced the occurrences of brown water masking, because it looks to similar to land terrains -fixed an issue in empire wars where a player's gold could spawn in the enemy town -fixed an issue with one of the gaia armies -resources and animals will no longer spawn on tiny bits of land in the middle of the ocean
  • v3.5 -re-balanced resource randomness to make very large amounts of resources less likely -fixed a bug that prevented triple scout spawns -fixed an issue that was causing central lands to spawn 100% of the time, where it should only be 50% -fixed some cases where things set to a chance of 0% could still occur (ex. tiny player islands) -minimum relic count increased from 1 to 2 -removed the gaia units guarding neutral markets in the corners -kings in regicide now have hero glow and regeneration -in KoTH, players will be able to train special units from the monument -central islands and lakes will be a bit larger on tiny maps -added more failsafes to make sure starting units and resources spawn properly -slightly reduced the chance of island and michi layouts -added a 1% chance to start with an empire wars style base in random map -increased the chance of non-scout scouts -a lot of minor bugfixes
  • v3.4 -increased the available space for folwarks to spawn in Empire Wars -gaia animals now have (slow) hp regeneration -player town centers will regenerate hp on sudden death -Empire Wars will now spawn villagers on stragglers instead of idle villagers -these villagers will not spawn if fishing ships are placed on water maps -reworked the terrains to make hills visually distinct on the minimap -increased terrain diversity -fixed a critical bug with missing animals -added nomad treaty -African forests can sometimes be less than fully dense now -removed the gold and stone rocks for now -replaced a long url that was causing crashes in the CD version -improved Empire Wars dock placement -center can now be divided into 2 islands or lakes -wild horses, camels, penguins and monkeys now spawn -wildly overpowered starting units (heroes, siege, ranged cavalry, elite unique units) are no disabled by default
  • -fixed a bug with the French battle royale army -reduced gaia army on relic rush maps -updated rnd stuff for the July fixes -increased the chance of a classic land nomad start without resources to build a TC -added a x256 techs version -resources will generate on the proper terrain when testing repeatedly in the scenario editor -side and corner lands can now appear as only 2 instead of 4 -added dire and rabid wolves -forests, ponds and other terrains will now stay further from starting towns -randomized color corrections and added the new night time color correction -added the new birch trees and forest -added the new muddy shallows terrain -fixed a new issue with walls on double/triple TC starts -added objects and buildings from Dawn of the Dukes -fixed and issue with duplicated walls on multi-TC starts
  • v3.2 -deepfish should no longer spawn on gravel or shallows or beaches -normal fish now spawn on shallows -reduced the overall average fish density -updated clumping factor values based on new findings by the RMS community -added the new accumulate_connections attribute -added a 1% chance to have a nomad start without resources to build a town center -split far sheep to spawn at separate distances -central neutral market is now unguarded -added the chance for neutral corner markets -updated DE biomes and improved terrain blending (this may break certain generations on pre-DE - contact me if you notice issues) -fixed an issue that could result in missing resources on mangrove swamp maps -forest tree wood amount can now vary (1% chance) -added an experimental option to have infinitely respawning resources (off by default) -increased randomization of numerical parameters -adjusted the scattering of nomad resources to be less regular -updated to the RBW Empire Wars standards
  • -fixed a bug that was causing an overflow of boars on tiny standard resources maps.
  • v3.1 -fixed Bulgarian gaia army to not include dead units -added Burgundian and Sicilian content -added sea wall as a possible wall type
  • v3.0 -added full battle royale support! -removed the packed town center from battle royale, where it is currently buggy -updated empire wars to reduce the farms, and potentially add fishing ships on water maps -empire wars now works with regicide and sudden death -battle royale now works with regicide -all other combinations of game modes should work now too -added the option to get overpowered starting boats including hero boats (at a very low chance) -upgraded the guardians for KoTH from wimpy outlaws to a selection of powerful gaia armies -tweaked land generation to reduce the chance of excessively small islands -added the option of side lands to increase the amount of possible layouts
  • -added a wide selection of possible starting buildings -removed the super-close relic when not on water or michi style maps -fixed an issue where personal relics were always spawning -lowered the chance of personal relics -lowered the chance of central and corner resources -adjusted resources and empire wars stuff to more closely match the current DE standards -added in extra units not previously used such as the stormy dog and the relic cart
  • -re-enabled dolphins, since they are fixed in DE now -fixed monument resources being blocked by the TC -fixed a 5% chance to be missing forests entirely on the savanah biome -filled in corners for walled starts, but only some of the time - also creates walls on water -reduced chance of walled start from 20% to 10% -reduced chance of packed town center from 50% to 10% of nomad starts -removed battle royale start from standard starting units -reduced chance of island-style start from 24% to 16% -added chance of UP buildable shallows -add koth resource trickle for UP -increased connection width variability -added the option to get randomly modified starting resource stockpiles (10% chance) -reduced the chance of super-squished islands -increased corner land variability
  • v2.7 -fixed a few typos -disabled dolphins, since they unfortunately are buggy (sorry about that, I honestly did not know that) -removed duplicated resources on nomad starts
  • -reduced chance that predators have food -reduced elevation on mangrove swamp biome -tweaked elevation spacing -added the chance to get wider connections -added additional green and brown water masking for DE -shortened constant names -removed the workaround for invisible forage bushes in DE, since that is fixed now -improved forest mixing and added new combinations -added balanced elevation for DE -added a low chance of higher base elevation in DE -added support for a neutral market to trade with in DE (but its currently still bugged in DE) -added the possibility of the getting almost any land unit as a scout (at a very low probability each)
  • v2.4 -improved random resources to prefer picking less extreme values -added new water mixing -cleaned up spacing in the script itself v2.5 -improved relic distribution -improved starting unit and building positions -fixed terrain and elevation scaling -added the option of unequal corner lands -fixed potential overflow issues with scaling 9999 -improved terrain masking -increased chance of horse scouts -add small chance to double relics -fixed deep fish spawns
  • v2.3 -improved KoTH and CtR support with a large central land with map revealers and neutral outlaws, and resource trickle from controlling the monument -added relic rush (relics on a KoTH-style hill) -added the chance for ponds -added options to pick which water types to allow -improved circle placement support -reworked nomad resources distribution -tweaked standard resource distribution to match the changes in DE -added cliff avoidance -added more starting scout and building variation -more stuff I don't remember
  • -changed beach generation -fixed water elevation -fixed straggler trees -fixed and issue with the mangrove swamp biome -added the option for double walls
  • Tweaked the terrain blending for DE