Arabia Random 1.2

by wappla

This is a standard Arabia map, except the costs of standard buildings and most units are randomized at the beginning of every game. The costs for a particular map seed are viewable each game in the tech tree. It is recommended to pause at the beginning of a game to view costs.

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What is Randomized - cost of blacksmith, market, university, monastery, - cost of town center, castle, towers - cost of stable, barracks, range, siege workshop - cost of archer line and hand cannoneers - cost of cavalry archer line - cost of skirmisher line - cost of knight line, eagle line, battle elephant line, and camel line - cost of scout line - cost of militia line - cost of spearman line - cost of siege units What is not randomized - cost of resource collection buildings - cost of farms - cost of houses - cost of unique units - cost of villagers - cost of techs - unit and building stats other than costs Geographic Features: - split secondary golds - split boars - decent woodline options without being black forest - starting sheep - patch of three deer