Zetnus's Mesas v2.1

by Zetnus

My classic Mesas map. A desert surrounded by cliffs.

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Tags: ECL
Versions: HD WK AoC UP1.5 DE

A desert map surrounded completely by cliffs. The wood isn’t too limited, but it will be further away from you than you are used to. All the other resources are pretty standard. No deer, but a few more sheep instead. This map now has a 50% chance to look like "classic" Mesas (cliffs potentially in the middle; forests only bordering cliffs) and a 50% chance to look like ECL Mesas (cliffs only on the outside; forest clumps in the middle) If you are looking for the map that was played in ECL, [download this version instead](https://aoe2map.net/map/268bc6d0-7743-4abe-8b35-cad910e4fa2a)