ZR@(!PTCG)BogIslands WK 5.8.1

by Unknown

!PTCG == !P + !T + !C + !G

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!PTCG == !P + !T + !C + !G !P == Position Fixed(固定位置) !T == Terrain Redefined(重定义地形) !C == Custom Scenario(定制关卡) !G == Guard Town Center Victory(警卫 城镇中心 胜利) If it says exclamation point !C it's safe to say that you got one of the CUSTOM maps. Furthermore if it says !T, letter T stands for Terrain, it means you can build and have resources on Shallow terrain (the same as Mangrove Shallow terrain). You can also get !TC that means you can build on shallow and you got an CUSTOM map. Colour Positions The pick positions maps can be used to pick pocket/flank positions in 3v3 games based on player colors. Team 1: 1-Flank, 3-Flank, 5-Pocket Team 2: 2-Flank, 4-Flank, 6-Pocket Players can choose any spawn location, that belongs to their team, on the map using player colours. To see what colours correspond to what position, see the image below. By default, players will spawn randomly on the maps like on all other random maps. To enable colour positions, set the lobby resources to "Medium Resources" (starting resources won't be affected). - 15012.slp == Mangrove Shallows (can build buildings on it) - 15014.slp == Shallows (cannot build buildings on it)