Sonder 1.3

by Chrazini


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Versions: WK UP1.5 DE

  • 2019-09-18
    • Fixed an incorrect if-statement that could possibly cause issues. • The file size has been slightly decreased. • Enabled the use of colour positioning when "Medium Resources" are enabled. • Removed all rhinoceroses. • Buffalos no longer spawn in patches of two. • Buffalos now spawn on the beach terrain around the player's bases. • Deer spawn slightly closer to the player's town center. • Drastically decreased the chance of bugged maps. • Relics now spawn on beach terrain instead of mangrove shallows. • Fixed a bug that would cause elevation to generate incorrectly. • Adjusted some parameters that would cause gold and stone to not generate on smaller map sizes. • Removed the line of sight of birds. • Added minor eye-candy. • Added wider variety in the terrains. • Fixed random patches of beach spawning in the middle of the water and mangrove shallows. • All straggler trees are removed when playing deathmatch. • All animals are removed when playing deathmatch.