by HenkDeSuperNerd

Players start on a small island in the swampy low elevations. Team_together forces teammates to spawn nearby on the same island. The islands are connected by a large bog, situated in the valley in the middle of the map. The water here contains some deep-fish. Because of the presence of shallow in the lake, fish can be somewhat far out for your fishing ships (docks are placed on beach-water, or beach-shallow transitions). On the sides there will be two large hills with terraces. The flat areas will be ~6tiles wide: which makes it wide enough to support large buildings such as castles or Town. On the higher elevation the neutral gold and stones can be found, as well as some hungry tigers.

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This map was HenkDeSuperNerd's submission for the South East Asian stage for the ECL map-contest read more here: All of Henk's submissions were collected in this voobly-mod: