Kharga V1

by ThorsChariot

The sandy dunes of southern Egypt are rumored to be rich in gold, lost and forgotten from another era. You have been dispatched to recover these riches, but the harsh Khamsin has led your expedition astray. Running low on supplies and hope, you reach the summit of a rocky ridge and behold a lush, green oasis in the valley below. Buzzing with life, this spectacle is no mirage, but others have come to claim the bounty of El-Kharga oasis for themselves! This map was developed for the World Desert Championship AOE2 tournament, organized by Huehuecoyotl22. The maps submitted for this tournament were required to represent a specific real-life desert or desert feature, and the inspiration for Kharga is the El-Kharga oasis in South-Central Egypt. The El-Kharga oasis has been inhabited since Egypt’s New Kingdom (possibly even earlier), and today one may visit the ancient Temple of Hibis dating back to the 6th century BC.

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