Shock Troops Arena 1.0

by sn0wsh00

Like Arena, but you start with 2 Town Centers, 13 Villagers, 31 Soldiers and a Battering Ram.

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Players start with 2 TCs, 8 Army Tents, 13 Villagers, 10 Camel Scouts, 10 Skirmishers, 10 Spearmen, 1 default scouting unit and 1 Battering Ram. Regicide adds a Castle, while Empire Wars adds a Barrack and a Blacksmith. Comes in 7 themes (Asian, Autumn, Desert, Grassy, Mediterranean, Tropical and Winter). AoE2 replaces all SCOUT objects with the civ's default scouting unit. Because I didn't want Mesoamerican civilizations to start with 10 Eagle Scouts, I instead set the 10 extra scouting units to be Camel Scouts.