TicTacToe v0.2

by Hariram

The players start in the center with a small lake blocking direct access. The starting areas are sparse on resources but there is plenty at the edges.

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The map is divided into 3x3 grid. The 4 corner regions have food resources and the 4 edge regions have stone and gold. The players start in the middle but a small lake separates them. Their starting resources are sparse only providing 8 sheep, 1 boar, 6 forage 2+3 gold and 3 stone. They can get some extra food from the lake. This map is currently designed with 1v1 in mind. In 1v1 the corners contain 16 berries, 3 boars and 8 deer each They also have more forests. The edges contain 14 gold and 8 stone each. These scale with number of players. In 4v4 this can possibly create situations where some teammates have easy gold/stone while others don't. 4 Relics spawn at the 4 corners. An 5th relic spawns in a tiny island in the lake.

  • 2019-07-16
    1. The forage bush now always spawns near the lake. Now you can snag a few fishes with the fruits. 2. Wolves moved a bit out. Wolf attacks on starting villagers should be less likely. 3. Tidied up the code.
  • 2019-07-16
    1. Added king, castle and extra villagers in regicide. The castle always spawns in a edge zone near the player. 2. Added some wolves to guard the gold. 3. Removed a 1-width line of trees that would separate players from the gold areas. 4. Applied HC2 formula to reduce occurrence of trapped resources.
  • 2019-07-15