Water Wheel 1.0

by HenkDeSuperNerd

A cool looking water map. All players are connected through the middle. A circle of beach terrain in the water, allows placement of additional docks, and passage of land units. Boats can sail on all the types of water, and can even sail through the amphibious terrains (the beach and shallows). Elevation in the water further enhances strategic gameplay. In team games, teammates share lands. This mapscript uses Userpatch for Quality of life improvement and full gamemode competability (regicide, king of the hill, capture the relic)

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This map requires Userpatch 1.5 WololoKingdoms is not required. By using the latest insights in random map scripting, this map has some neat quality of life improvements **resources:** - 4 starting sheep are automatically found from start - golds and stones will never spawn directly next to a forest, so bugged gold/stones will not be a problem on this map. - no birds, since they affect boar lures - fair fish distribution - 1 relic per player, and an additional 3 relics in the middle. (still 5 relics in 1v1, but number scales up with players, with a maximum of 11relics in an 8 player game). Relic distribution over the map is very fair. **deathmatch, regicide, capture the relics:** - sheep, deer, boar and stragglers are removed for death-match - to play this map as regicide to combine with other game modes like King of the Hill, select LOW_RESOURCES as starting resources, and select king of the hill (or any other mode you like) as gamemode. - to play this map as Capture the Relic, select Relic victory

  • - adjusted gold/stone distribution to generate equal amount of gold/stone piles per player land. - added birds (with 0 LOS, to not affect any boar/wolf behavior)