by AlgernonR

as used for HiddenCup2, a tournament hosted by T90Official.

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Tags: HC2 HiddenCup
Versions: WK UP1.5

Start with 1 sheep under your control. This version of arabia always has grass-terrains. Max elevation is reduced to 4 (from 7), but the amount of hills should stay roughly the same. Small adjustments to woodlines were made to find prevent resources spawning directly adjacent to woodlines, which should limit the chance of resources getting trapped. The distribution of forests was tackled to give players multiple woodlines to chose from, without losing the open character of the map. When playing this map as regicide there are a few important differences to regular maps: - start without extra resources - start without extra villagers - start with a barracks - start with a king - start with an additional 5 pop-space headroom, which should prevent player's being housed upon the start of the game (since they start with 3vils+1king+1scout)