CommieGamesNothing 1.0

by HenkDeSuperNerd

This is CommieGamesNothing. A parody on communism. The content might not be considered politically correct, however it is not the aim of this mapscript to insult. Have fun on this 8 player map where there are plenty of job opportunities and gold is only available from a steady income.

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Recommended civ-pool: Teutons, Slavs, Mongols, Chinese, Khmer, Vietnamese, Koreans Recommended Settings: - 225-300 pop (more pop might cause lagg) - Standard difficulty - Free For All - Diplomacy (uncheck 'lock teams') works great. How much is an ally worth, when you can't trade with them? - Team game is also possible. To play with the ally next to you, have teams setup like this: t1, t1, t2, t2, t3, t3, t4, t4. (based on order in game lobby) - Select REGICIDE to add a castle to each player's base. - Select LOW_RESOURCES to disable cartography (has no affect on starting resources) /* ***************** MAP AND ADJUSTMENTS ******************** */ The main features of this map are: short version: - Equal bases, surrounding the Hammer and Sickle Logo - Villagers are cheaper and create faster, leading to a larger amount of workers. For balance their workrate has been reduced. - Enough Jobs for everyone! - ALL gold income comes from resource trickles (income) - Spend stone to build workshops, to increase your gold income. There is limited amount of stone on the map, so fight to control these piles of resources! - Stone costs of all other buildings and techs have been replaced by a gold cost, making stone only useful for building more workshops (which increases your income!). - You always start with a King that needs to survive (He is called 'Robin Hood') long version: MENSCHEN: - At the very start some villagers might die from hunger - Villagers are 2x cheaper - Villagers create 2x faster - Villagers gather resources slower ARBEIT: - Start with 0 resources in the bank, but plenty of jobs! - No gold on the map, instead there is a passive gold income which can be increased by building additional gold-workshops, which cost stone. - Stone can be mined from your base (enough to build 7.5 workshops) - There is additional stone to be collected from the middle, but it is protected by wild bears. ANTI-CAPITALISTIC SENSORSORSHIP & PROPAGANDA: - Market disabled! - Feitoria disabled! - Forced cartography (SHARE YOUR VISION) (or no carto at all when playing on LOW_RESOURCES) - No gold mining upgrades (you don't want your people to discover how they can mine gold!) GOLD INCOME: - There is a standard gold income for everyone as long as your Robin Hood lives. This unit is your king and you lose when it dies. - All players have the ability to build Trade workshops that generate gold over time: o Trade workshops earn 1g/s each. o Trade Workshops cost 800stone o Trade Workshops have 1000 Hitpoints o Trade Workshops do NOT count as a building as a requirement for advancing to castle age. - All stone costs have been replaced by gold costs(techs and buildings) - Additionally some defensive structured have gained additional costs to balance: o Towers = 250 gold, 50wood o Castle = 800 gold o Bombard tower = 600gold o Walls = 8 gold o Gate = 40gold o Outpost = 25wood, 5 gold (unchanged) o Towncenter = 275wood, 100 gold (unchanged) TIPS & STRATEGIES: - At the start gold income is very low. However, with the free farms making food-units in feudal age is a good choice. - If you want to add gold unit (or buildings that cost stone) you need to add gold workshops. - It is advised to already start mining stone in darkage so you can build a workshop in feudal age, to enhance the gold income which can be used to make units or to click up to castle age. - Each player has enough stone in their base for 7.5 workshops. To increase your economy even further try to gain control of other stone-piles. - Taking out an opponent early lets you take their unmined stone! - Getting a hold of the middle will secure a good amount of stone that can be used to build workshops. - Villagers are roughly worth half as much as normally. However, their building and combat abilities can still be usefull. - A healthy communist economy has plenty of workers, aim for atleast 100 villagers in the late game. - By destorying (sniping) an enemy workshop you weaken their economy severely (they can't retrieve stone!)