Fish Nothing 1.1

by YugiBoy

A map with a ridiculous amount of fish which gives the players essentially unlimited access to food. The players start on tiny islands arranged in a circle around the middle. Each player has a king and a transport ship with which they can travel to one of the other islands to get wood and most importantly find space for buildings. Real estate will be hard to come by since there are only 8 islands for the maximum of 8 players all of which have a limited amount of wood. The island which is at the centre has a clearing surrounded by forest on which 3 relics can be found. The desert islands in the corners are the least desirable since they merely have some wood and no special features. A relic can be found on each of the four green islands, protected by gaia archers which will attack on sight (although they are quite weak). Trade and the conquest of relics will be crucial to gaining access to gold. The map perfectly suited to be played as KOTH, in which case the relics on the centre island are replaced by a monument. The regicide win condition will however be active no matter which game mode is picked. Recommended civs are spanish, huns, and all typical water civs.

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