ECL Dry River 1.1

by teutonic_tanks

Dry River follows a similar concept to Valley with a dried riverbed cutting the map in half. But instead of deer we see dozens of ponds filled to the brim with shore fish. They make up for the lack of deer and berries, and give players an incentive to move closer, leading to early skirmishes over the fastest natural food source. On this map by our second place map contest winner Teutonic_Tanks, will players prioritize an aggressive strategy, taking advantage of the shore fish in the riverbed with the risk of being punished, or will they take a safe approach by staying on the riverside?

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This map contains sling nerfs: * Base tribute tax percent is increased from 30% to 40% * Coinage is moved to the Imperial Age * Banking is removed This map is the 2nd place finisher of the Middle East region of the map competition.