Vaurion Nothing v1

by AlgernonR

Ever heard of Vaurion? No, probably not. Basically hes a guy that cant play Regicide and loses his kings for stupid reasons all the time. Now in this map you have 2 different kings. 1 of each must be alive and well at all times, or you lose. Now the good thing is you can actually train additional kings in your Town Center. You can pay 100 food for a king that when dead will be harvestable for 800 food, kind of a good deal if you ask me. Alternatively you can pay 100 gold for a king that leaves a Relic when dead. Thats crazy!

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Versions: WK UP1.5

Each player starts with a Town Center, 3 vils and 2 different kings. 1 of them is called "Pile of Food" and when dead leaves a carcass worth 800 food the other is called "Pile of Gold" and when dead leaves a relic Both are trainable in the Town Center and cost 100 each of the resource they are carrying. (Pile of Food costs 100 food and in the town center will be called "Fishing boat" , the Gold king is called "Trade Cog" when you hoover over it in the Town Center) Players start with 200 extra food and 100 extra gold. Both kings are separate "guard state" objects meaning, lose 1 and you lose the game. So players will need need 1 of each alive at all times. This part is what makes REGICIDE a must. So players should NOT spend all their 400 food making vils and send to lumber camp, rather save at least 100 for an additional food king and gather from it with enough vils to keep producing. Once its about to run out they need to create a new one etc. Once players are in Castle Age there will be plenty of gold kings created. Players start with 5 extra population space at the start of the game so they wont get housed right away. Regarding settings the game requires REGICIDE, however could be played with or without DIPLO.