Random Arabia 1.1

by sn0wsh00

Like Megarandom-style starts, but wish the maps looked more like Arabia? Well, here's the map for you!

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Versions: DE

You will always start with a Town Center, a standard number of Villagers and at least 1 scouting unit. You will also start with a Forage bush and near Stone/Gold. The objects that may vary include: * Scout numbers and/or type: your scout can be your civilization’s standard starting Scout, but it can also be a Serjeant or even a Flaming Camel. * The second building, if it spawns: all buildings except for Mill, Mining/Lumber Camp, Docks and Caravanserais can spawn. * Extra resources: far Gold may or may not spawn, while extra resources may spawn scattered across the map. What is guaranteed is that you will never have a 1 TC, 3-6 Villagers, 1 Scout start. Regarding the map layout, there's a 30% chance that the map will be land Arabia, a 30% chance that there be oases inside the forests, a 20% chance that the map will be Cenotes-style, a 10% chance that the map will resemble Kawsasan, and a 10% chance that there will be a center lake. Regicide adds 3 Villagers and a King, while Empire Wars add another 3 Villagers. This map comes in 7 themes: Asian, Autumn, Desert, Grassy, Mediterranean, Tropical and Winter. Don't confuse this map with wappla's Arabia Random: https://aoe2map.net/map/18ecba/arabia-random