Knights_only v1

by Haladon

This is a simple map for practicing Knight rushes. The following buildings are removed: Barracks, Archery Range, Monastery, Stone Wall, Stone Gate, Castle, Bombard Tower, Dock. Stables don't need barracks. All units other than Knights, Villagers, Battering rams, Battle Elephants and Trade cart are removed. Aztecs, Mayans, Incas or Indians are useless. There is less stone and more gold and no elevation and no relics. (21 gold and 5 stone tiles per player.) Scout has 240 HP and no attack Towers can garrison knights and heal quickly. (@ 1/2/3 HP per second. The feudal tower has only 200 HP) Battle Elephants are available to all, more expensive (600 food) and provide lot of LOS (20).

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Enjoy a battle with only knights. No spearmen, monks, archers, camels, stone walls and castles.