Transport Horse 1.0

by xth

Players start with a special horse that can garrison up to 5 units. You can train more horses at the stable for 125 food. Aztecs, Mayans and Incas all start with the special horse.

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I wanted to make a map where players could use a horse as transport for their foot soldiers or civilian population. I make the horse by upgrading the old siege tower from forgotten empires that was in wololo kingdoms. There aren't any wild horses on this map, because I felt that players could play around with just the one for now, and you are starting with two scouts, practically. There are extra berries and deer located between 30 and 40 tiles from your starting location, along with small fish ponds here and there. You can grab them more with the horse to boost your economy a bit. Finally, there are a few extra berry, deer and boar starting 60 tiles out. So far out, they are more for looking pretty..