Nomad World Tour 1.2

by sn0wsh00

Like Nomad, but on maps you know.

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Nomad on a random collection of maps. There are 21 potential map generations in the RMS: 1. Atacama 2. Baltic 3. Budapest 4. Cenotes 5. Enclosed 6. Four Lakes 7. Gold Rush 8. Golden Pit 9. Haboob 10. Hideout 11. Kawasan 12. Lowland 13. Meadows 14. Oasis 15. Rivers (there will always be an island in the middle connected to the other lands by shallows) 16. Scandinavia 17. Socotra 18. Steppe 19. Valley 20. Wade 21. Wolf Hill, minus the wolves Like normal nomad, you start with 3 Villagers spread out around the map. Regicide adds a King, while Empire Wars adds 3 additional Villagers. This map comes in 7 themes: Asian, Autumn, Desert, Grassy, Mediterranean, Tropical and Winter.