Overlord v3

by HenkDeSuperNerd

Overlord is a random map where one player roleplays as the 'overlord'. This player (the host of the gameroom) will not participate in a conventional way, but will overlook the battlefield, sending tributes to the ones in need or interfering with special units to punish players that are showing bad behaviour.

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As overlord there is no objectives, and you can't really win. You can only witness how the others play, and influence the game by buying favours or by using special units. Having access to spies, to a insane resource income and access to special units will provide you all the tools to have fun and to influence the diplomacy in this game. The other players will play standard, with the occasional sling from the overlord when they are nice, or an attack from the overlord when they are not. The gamemode was intentionally designed for streamers that which they could somehow influence the games they spectate, but also works well to play with your friends (especially when you have mixed skill level!) youtubevideo of previous version of this map (casted by T90Official) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUy9MEse6hg GAME SETUP: launch a multiplayer game on Voobly. Make sure the latest Userpatch version is selected, as well as the WololoKingdoms mod. The Host of the gameroom will play as Overlord. In the game lobby select the following settings: Game: Random Map Map Style: Custom Location: Overlord_v3 Map Size: (medium to large, depending on number of players) uncheck 'lock teams' to enable Diplomacy (players can choose their allies during game) Pick any color you want (choosing a clear color is recommended for the overlord, so their chat stands out more) and pick team: - RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PLAYING AS THE OVERLORD - ask all players to ally you from start. Those that not agree will not receive sling, or will be punished. - advancing through the ages is easy, you will have the age requirements for each age. Pick Malay to speed this up even more. - research spies in Imperial Age. This would not cost much if all players are allied to you. - don't sling too early (I recommend not sending tributes prior to 20:00minutes game time) - don't sling too many resources. 500 of each resource is a decent amount, 1000 of each is a large amount. - to sling resources go to the diplomacy tab (the laurel wreath icon next to the menu) - hold SHIFT while sending tributes to send 500, and CONTROL to send everything. - an alternative of sending tributes is to send 'goods' these are animals or carts. When you delete the carts they will turn into special animals that will turn into a tree, a stonepile or a goldpile, when killed. - you can aslo interfere by attacking with troops. Players probably won't like that and they might agree to turn against you. - if players manage to kill your 'poenari castle' and the workshops that are hidden behind this building, your powers as an Overlord will be gone. - all players that lose their king are defeated. That includes you too!

  • 2019-01-07
    - Host will now always play as overlord. Choose a color that stands out to make instructions by the overlord clearer in chat. - Significantly reduced the amount of gold and stone tiles per player. - Overlord income reduced, with the aim of discouraging from sending too many resources. - Added a bunch of new units that the overlord can purchase. - Compatibility for 3-6 players improved. 8 is still the ideal number of players.