Andorra 1.1

by Gundrik.

FFA/ Diplo map with a focus on map control and aggresive play (for full description and recommended settings, go to map info)

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This is my community game idea come to life # Recommended settings: explored, FFA/ Diplo Regicide with Last man standing (for the relic victory). size is irrelevant (if you want to surprise them tell players only about the general location of resources, the disabled techs and the tree increased wood) # Special features: Caravan & Carto disabled, Dragon trees wood capacity increased to 800 banned civs?: for balance reasons, magyars should not be picked by players. if someone goes random and hits jackpot let them go with it # Extended description Players start in a Cracked earth area limited by deep water walls, with a decent amount of wood (as 800 dragon trees are in the corners of the players area,(just by the water walls) and 1 or 2 near the towncenter) and 4 piles of gold. Said area can be towerhopped into from both sides, plus there's a 1 tile passage covered by frees for lategame. Rest of the resources are packed in the center of the map, which with the extreme amount of wildlife, the difficult to wall ,open space and the high concentration of players makes for pretty intense games. In the middle there is a single relic that will trigger relic victory if collected, and a huge amount of gold. Trade in this game has been made more difficult that usual: the area that each player starts in has strategically placed rocks to avoid the trade inside it to be too profitable, and long distance trade will have to suffer from the pathing of the dragon tree ring area AND from being exposed to everyone else due to the layout of the corners:in other words, this map is Philster's worst nightmare. those who ignore center to focus in trade with allies will be unable to outproduce those who risk themselves and go to the middle. No carto also makes players really wary of each other, so, again, lot's of fighting in this map. also regicide doesn't give you a castle, only starting stone, so early sniping is possible (specially with that sweet cracked earth) Special thanks to HenkTheSuperNerd, Snippy, hony, Shulker, Trirem, Shulker and many more for answering my questions on map creation chat in T90's discord. Also to all the map testers out there, as balancing this things without them would be extremely difficult finally, for those asking me _why is it called Andorra?_ : because it's small and you might want to smoke a cig after you are done with it :^)

  • 2019-04-10
    -now carto is enabled
  • 2019-04-10
    -shortened the water walls by 7 tiles -4 less stone in the middle area to promote less walls -made the woodline in the back of the water wall 5 tiles big so you can attackfrom multiple angles -small fixes in the middle
  • 2019-03-09
    changed some woodlines that were too far away from the tcs
  • 2019-03-09
    removed stragglers and changed them for a small woodline near each tc, farms are a bit closer to TC so they are more usable
  • 2019-03-09