Knoll 1.1

by Ptee

Very open map with limited starting gold and stone.

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Tags: 1v1 TG RM
Versions: HD WK

Very open land map with small hills all around the place, with a slightly bigger hill in the middle. Starting gold and stone are very limited and the extra golds/stones are far away with the exception of the gold on top of the hill in middle of the map. Every player gets a comfortable back wood, but due to how open the map is it can be raided at ease if it's not walled and walling can be very costly since there are no other woodlines to provide protection. My first attempt at making RM script, so far I've not found any problems with generation after 100+ tries, but if you encounter a bug please leave a comment with the description and possibly explanation how to reproduce said bug. Map has been tested on HD and WK.