by HenkDeSuperNerd

Based on the map JungleAnimals (more commonly known as Dave's Funhouse) This is a map made for entertaining viewer experience. In this map wild animals roam around a dusty desert. Players are located in small oases where their base is niceley enclosed by woodlines and the perimeter is (mostly) free of wild animals.

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Each player starts with 3 spearman and Charlemagne (Hero throwing axeman). When players start expanding they will unavoidably run into one of many natural threads: - Loser Lizzard (cya later, alligator!) - Dodging Dire Wolf (also pretty dumb) - Wonted Wolf (standard predator) - The LionKing (damn tough!) - Boom Bear (EXPLOSIVE!) - CannonBoar (it... shoots...wtf!?) - Ballista Bowman (piercing power!) - FireDragon (with blazing breath) - FuriousTheMonkeyBoy (Oh boy...) Mind that the monkeys and dragons will only spawn when King of the Hill is selected. Intended settings are: FFA (no team) and King Of The Hill (KOTH), but the map is competible with all other game modes and map-settings. to ADD regicide as a game mode select LOW_RESOURCES in the game settings. (this has no actual effect on your starting resources) The map requires Userpatch1.5 and Wololokingdoms