Zetnus's Water Wars v2.1

by Zetnus

A map where the focus is almost exclusively on the water

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This upload is managed by: Zetnus
Tags: Water water
Versions: HD WK AoC UP1.5 DE

A map that focuses exclusively on naval warfare. Each player starts on small square island with a TC, standard villagers, 2 boars, 1 group of 4 sheep, 1 relic, 1 boarding galley as a scout (can be used to capture enemy ships), 4 sea towers, a bunch of trees. The center will have gold, outlaws, and map revealers on sizes medium and larger. Version specific differences: HD/AoC -random placement (lands might sometimes touch, so pick a larger map size) -gold (16 piles), stone (8 piles), food (6 bushes) UP1.5 -Perfect placement -gold (one 30K pile), stone (one 30k pile), food (one 30k bush) -trees have 500 wood each DE -Perfect placement -gold (one 30K pile), stone (one 30k pile), food (one 30k bush), straggler (one 30k tree - not lame-able) -beaches are covered in reeds -spawn with a cow directly under the TC

  • -fixed elevation scaling -enabled direct placement for DE
  • -Added support for circle placement in DE and direct placement in UP 1.5 -Added un-lameable super-fat resource nodes for DE and UP 1.5 -Central land is now bigger and spawns outlaws