BlowyBoi Slinger

by Turbonox

A very aesthetically pleasing and symetrical map. Well balanced for all players, 4 different ways to approach each players base. There is a land element, a water ellement, and full shallows in the center for big KABOOMs

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The main twist to this map is the addition of the Hero named "Flamethrower". Flamethrower fires rocket propelled granades that can wipe out an entire tightly packed squadron. But be careful, becasue the Hero is extremely slow and takes a full 30 gametime seconds to reload his weapon. Everyone starts with a Hero but he is trapped behind a tile of 3000 gold. Mine through that tile to release the hero. In addition, Every player starts with a Cethedral where they can train additional Flamethrowers for an 1000 Food + 1000 Gold. Ideal settings are: Explored KOTH (Regicide is built in to this map so all games have a king) FFA Fast Speed

  • - Added gold tiles fully around the flamethrowers starting position so you can't castle drop him out - Opened the top and bottom of each base so each player has better access to water on the outside and the shallows/monument in the center - Added treason so you can find out were the enemy spies are for 400g.