Toplos Sea (WK) 1.0

by xThomas

Two TC Start. But one of those Town Centers has a bomb, which will destroy it in fifteen minutes. So your toher TC is fine, right? Well, it happens to be covering of the few dockable spots on the map... I have some good news. You don't have to delete your TC. If you go to the middle, there is a dockable place. each corner can also be docked, but if you have a transport to get there :( Delete your TC for a dock, kill an enemy TC for the dock space, or fight at the middle to make one. You decide!

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Versions: WK

BigBossBro asked for a map where player's TC is destroyed at 10 or 15 minutes. I couldn't make it repeating, but I was able to make it happen at least once! **At Least Once**. So this map utilizes Mangroves. Each player starts with two TC's. There are only a few possible places you can dock You can build a dock in these and ONLY these places. - Each Corner has some grass and beaches. But you need a transport to get there! - The middle, which is hotly contested, and cannot be built on. Anyone can reach this with villagers - One of your own TC's will spawn with a snow tile - this is dockable! :T90Evil: Do you really need a dock? A mangrove shallows map that will hopefully be fun.