Salmon Nothing 1.4

by Jabark

Salmon (nearly) nothing. Pools of water everywhere brimming with Salmon. You start with a market and a decent amount of bamboo straggler trees, and will then have to fight over the dockable areas of the map, and the extra wood in the corner. Ideally played as diplo or team game as trading is potentially the only source of gold income. All bamboo trees on the map have more wood than normal, so will last longer.

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This upload is managed by: Jabark
Versions: WK

  • - Wrap trees around KOTH monument to prevent victories before IA - Make corner trees in 1v1 match the number per person of 4v4 - Fix bug with map revealer upon map load
  • - Add relics for 1v1 - Improve water clumping in 1v1 so you don't get blocked from resources - Add Ice around monument in KOTH to prevent buildings at the center
  • - Add availability for 1v1
  • - Give bamboo trees more wood
  • - More land (mangrove) added so you're not cut off from anywhere - Made docking places fixed - Put extra wood in corners - Added map reveal to docking places and corner forests