by TheMadCADer

Stronghold is a map in which one player is in the middle and has to face off against a team of multiple opponents on the outside. The middle player starts with control of a Monument which gives a resource trickle. The resource trickle is dependent on the games settings. -Map is compatible with 3-8 players, all but one player must be on the same team -Recommended game mode is King of the Hill -Increase starting age and starting resources to make it more difficult for the middle player -Monument base generation rate is 2.4 food, 2.4 wood, 1.6 gold, and 0.8 stone per second -Base rate is multiplied by 2x in a Feudal Age start -Base rate is multiplied by 3x in a Castle Age start -Base rate is multiplied by 4x in a Imperial Age start -Base rate is multiplied by 5x in a Post-Imperial Age start -Base rate is multiplied by 10x with Death Match (Ultra-High) resources regardless of starting age -Recommended map sizes: 4 player, 6 player, 8 player, Giant -Incorporate Regicide and/or Sudden Death settings for more interesting dynamics -Map is AI compatible (AIs are not good at being the middle player though) -Feel free to provide feedback, and enjoy!

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