Mirage 2.0

by Chrazini


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  • 2019-09-18
    • Spawn positions have been altered to be genuinely random when only two players are playing. • The forests in the middle have been completely reworked. • More forests will generate in the middle when playing on larger map sizes. • All straggler trees are removed when playing deathmatch. • All animals are removed when playing deathmatch.
  • 2019-04-28
    • Fixed an incorrect if-statement that could possibly cause issues. • Removed the LOS of birds. • Decreased the number of camels. • Decreased the chance of bugged maps. • Resources are now more spread out. • Fixed extra resource sometimes not spawning correctly. • Straggler trees are has been changed to palm trees. • All players will now spawn with one goat in their possesion. • Enabled the use of colour positioning, with even teams, when playing on "Medium Resources". • Added the ability to start the game in Sudden Death using "High Resources". • Spawn positions have been altered and slightly randomised. • Added a lot of comments to map script. • All players will always spawn with at 4 ponds close them (they may merge).