RepairAffair v1

by AlgernonR

The TC is burning and will keep doing so unless you do something about it. And that might be the least of your problems. You have a slow and fat king out inspecting the shoreline, you need to keep him safe. He has built up a huge mass of gas inside that belly and when he dies he might blow up. You have a trusty steed that can scout for you - but just to be on the safe side you have strapped timed bombs inside it, so should it ever be killed (or god forbid, be deleted) it will blow up and kill any villager or king happening to stand around it. Oh and you also have something special in your Town Center. Your team of scientists have come up with something very unique, a flying shark.. and what might be inside this flying shark you might ask? Well, its actually a payed killer. A monkey. He can be dropped off by deleting that shark (who wants it anyway) and will do what he is best at. Killing civilians. He has a flute with him and calls forth wolves to help him cause havoc. However, he is carrying that big pile of gold that you payed him off with in the first place and if hes killed, well then the gold is up for grabs. So make sure to use him wisely. Those wolves of his can of course also be eaten. Oh. and there is this neutral island in the middle of the map. Like all neutral islands should it has 3 archery ranges built on it, and from them you can train additional kings if you happen to grow tired of your current monarch or if you just want to blow shit up.

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Versions: WK UP1.5

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