ECL Team Causeways 1.0

by Zetnus

Team Causeways was made by Zetnus and is the winner of the East Asia map competition, it’s a variation on team islands with shallows connecting the two teams between each of the players. The large islands allow great back docks as well as plenty of area for landings to build up. The main emphasis of Team Causeways will still be on water for the fishing economy as well as for denying any landings or crossings. Teams have the question of whether they ignore the causeways or do something outside the box to surprise their opponents.

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Tags: ECL East Asia
Versions: WK

This map contains sling nerfs: * Base tribute tax percent is increased from 30% to 40% * Coinage is moved to the Imperial Age * Banking is removed This map is the winner of the East Asia stage of the map competition.