by AlgernonR

In a small sea region in the far east eight different warlords share the ambition to overthrow the others. They each have an island of their own yet they are all connected by shallow water to one other warlord. They will need to keep this particular enemy at bay while fortifying their position on the mainland, and when the opportunity rises - fight for control of the four smaller resource-filled islands in the corners of the map.

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A few things to note: The map is compatible with Regicide or King of the Hill. The map is also played on Sudden Death but player's still have the ability to build new Town Centers. At 3 times in the game the player lands will be harrowed by terrible Tsunami storms and at these moments units should be kept safe indoors or harboured on the main island in the centre of the map. First wave will hit at 30 minutes and last 10 minutes. Second wave will hit 30 minutes after the first one end, same with wave 3. After these 3 storms the sea has calmed and if there are any survivors left at that point they can fight it out under less stressful circumstances.

  • 2018-11-29
    The original contest entry.