The Park 1.2

by ja00

Dense forest with an alley rounding a middle pond with small accessible island holding stockpile of gold.

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- Players spawn on the edge of the alley. - Each player starts with 4-pile gold, 5-pile gold, 4-pile stone and 5-pile stone. - Boars, sheep and berries are standard but boars will allways generate in the forest area. - For each player neutral 3-pile stone generates in the forest, 8-pile worth of gold on the middle island alongside with 1 relic, 10 deer on the read area with another relic. - Shallows leading to middle island will generate for every player. Player access to shallow will never be directly blocked by trees in the alley. - There is moderate amount of fish in the pond but there are no shore fish. - Huge ammound of straggler trees generate on the map. - Map contains 3 nearly identical season variants. Only difference is that Winter variant has dockable shallows.

  • 2022-02-16
    - fixed one season variant
  • 2022-02-16
    - added shore fish - improved deer spawning - made island size more consistent - made gold spawning on middle island more balanced - upgraded visuals - added 4 new season varians
  • 2021-07-28