Nomad Hill 1.1b

by sn0wsh00

Like Nomad, but on Gold Rush. Or is it Wolf Hill, minus the Wolves?

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The central mine features plenty of Stone and Gold (like Gold Rush), while small tree clumps, huntables and Forage Bushes dot the surrounding ridge (like Wolf Hill). At the very center is a summit containing Relics (like Wolf Hill), while small streams flow around the corners (like neither of those maps). Herdables spawn on the ridge on Medium-sized maps and above, while Ludicrous sized maps also adds Gold and Stone mines to the ridge. Regicide adds 3 Villagers and a King, while Empire Wars add another 3 Villagers. Comes in 7 themes: Asian, Autumn, Desert, Grassy, Mediterranean, Tropical and Winter.

  • Added Gazelle to huntable mix Added forest bushes to Asian theme
  • 2023-02-22
    Herdables now spawn on the ridge on Medium sized maps and above, and Gold/Stone now spawn on the ridge on Ludicrous size Changed river widths
  • 2023-02-21