ECL Sunburn 1.0

by Chrazini

Created by Chrazini, Sunburn is the winner of the Middle East Map Competition. Sunburn presents players with a unique spawn pattern: They all spawn in a straight diagonal line across the map, with palm forests filling the space between them. Large groups of elephants can be found away from the palm forests, and there are many close berries to help players make up for their single close elephant. There’s also multiple tiers of pocket positions in the larger team games. How will players adapt to this unique map, will they boom up behind their teammates using the elephants, or will players use the the extra elephants and player spawn distances to pressure their opponents?

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This map contains sling nerfs: * Base tribute tax percent is increased from 30% to 40% * Coinage is moved to the Imperial Age * Banking is removed This map is the winner of the Middle East Map Competition.