Nuketown 1.1

by hszemi

A port for DE of the original Nuketown map by hony.

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There is a monument in the center, even for non-King-of-the-Hill games. Players can create a nuke for 4000 wood, 3000 gold while they control the monument, by clicking on the Sharkatzor icon (there is no tooltip sadly). A nuke is activated when the Sharkatzor is killed or deleted, and places a dead goat on the map. Once the food has run out, a big explosion deals a lot of damage to the area around the goat. Villagers, Infantry, and Cavalry units also drop harvestable animal carcasses. Dead Kings drop a monk with relic. Cartography is disabled. The rocky terrain is always visible for all players.

  • 2021-10-15
    - re-drew the map to make it closer to the original - forest patches in the centre are no longer static, but generated with terrain generation - added more stone and gold patches
  • 2021-10-10