Kraken 1.2

by Zetnus

A stormy northern sea map with cliffs and scattered shipwrecks. Players start on a very small island, but get a transport ship to expand with immediately. Wood, gold and stone are found on neighboring islands. Extra starting resources aid rapid expansion. Middle of the map is an uninhabitable icy bulk that has relics and a monument in KoTH.

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-Map is for UP 1.5 WITHOUT WololoKingdoms. WololoKingdoms will break the terrains in this map. -Can also be played in AoC or HD, with some reduced functionality (no weather, no KoTH+Regicide) -Using "No Snow" mods or installations will make the ice and snow look like shallows and grass :( -Recommended game mode is King of the Hill (automatically includes Regicide when using the UP 1.5)

  • 2018-12-04
    -Added more wood -Fixed issues with castle spawns in regicide -Added regicide to KoTH when using UP 1.5 -Removed 1 transport -Removed terrain shading because it causes issues in non-native resolution -Added map revealers to the center
  • 2018-11-29
    The original contest entry.