Aztlan 3.0

by Chrazini

Aztlan is a relatively open and aggressive map. With almost no wildlife other than wild horses and a few deer scattered around the jungle. However, food is not in short supply. Abundant amounts of food can be found in the in the middle of the map. It is, however, not so easy to defend your economy in the middle as the stone is extremely sparse and gold is relatively limited. Before your empire can truly strive, you must cut through the dense forests in one of the four corners of the map, revealing copious amounts of both gold and stone – be wary though – every single corner is always visible to all players on the battlefield.

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Theme: Americas Style: Land Version: 3.0

  • 2019-09-18
    • Fixed an incorrect if-statement that could possibly cause issues. • Removed the LOS of birds. • Enabled the use of colour positioning when playing on "Medium Resources". • Corners have been rounded out. • Fixed the Chinese and Mayan civilisations not spawning with extra villagers when playing Regicide. • The map no longer requires a ZR@ prefix. • All straggler trees are removed when playing deathmatch. • All animals are removed when playing deathmatch. • Decreased the amount of straggler trees. • Horses now scale correctly across all map sizes.
  • 2018-09-17