Desert Void 1.2

by Chrazini

Less is more – this saying explains this map exceptionally well. It’s set in the middle of a barren desert, with nothing whatsoever surrounding it. Players spawn with a very limited amount of resources. Wood is sparse, gold and stone are found far away from your starting town center and hills, and cliffs are not to be found anywhere. You will find a patch of 4 elephants near your town center and a few goats scattered around the palm forest, but that is all you are going to find.

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This upload is managed by: Chrazini

  • • Heavily decreased the chance of bugged maps. • Added birds. • Removed the line of sight of birds. • All straggler trees are removed when playing deathmatch. • All animals are removed when playing deathmatch. • Fixed an issue that would cause players to spawn with the incorrect amount of villagers when playing regicide. • You can now play the map in sudden death using "Low Resources". • Enabled the use of colour positions when playing on "Medium Resources". • The map can now be played with allied vision using "High Resources". • Added straggler trees. • Forests now spawn slightly further away from the players. • Spawn positions have been altered to be genuinely random when only two players are playing. • The stone pile has been split into two piles (from 1x4 to 2x2).
  • • Fixed an incorrect if-statement that could possibly cause issues.