Forest Nothing 2018

by HenkDeSuperNerd

A tiny clearing in the middle of a dense forest, just enough space for a town center and a few villagers.

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Versions: WK AoC UP1.5

Forest nothing is a legendary map. It's simplicity as map design does not take away that the games can develop into interesting late game battles. Forest nothing is enjoyed by players of mixed skill levels. The start is slow and peaceful, altough it can be frustrating building up so slowly. To successfully get a healthy economy going it is key to manage plan your town carefully. Eventually bases will expand to sizes that support military production buildings and players will start cutting towards their enemies... In a team game you want to prioritize chopping towards your teammates to start trade, which is great way to obtain gold. Cutting towards a friend or foe can be sped up by using siege equipment: In the vanilla AOC both trebs and Siege Onagers have the ability to destroy trees. With the balance of WololoKingdoms even Onagers can cut trees. Without changing any of these core features **I updated this popular map**. The update involves two core features: 1) Balance and Bugfixes 2) Fixing game mode compatibility and enabling custom settings to combine regicide with other game modes and to enable/disable teammates spawning close together # Balance & Bugfixes The Forest Nothing I used as framework is the -hardcore- forest nothing, where players start with a tc completely surrounded by trees. There is no space to build, no trebs to cut, and no extra resources on the map. A few problems that arise with this version of forest nothing are the following: - regicide was not implemented, or in different versions the starting castle was not very useful and even game-breaking when enemy players would spawn in range of each other’s castles - every civ started with 3 villagers, more villagers would not spawn because there was no space to put them. This nerfed the Mayans and Chinese significantly. - players could spawn at the very edge of the map, which would hinder their expansion These problems have all been tackled in "Forest Nothing 2018" and some other things are added as well. - the area around the player Town Center is now 1 tile wider, to enable multiple villagers to spawn - playing with regicide will generate 7 extra villagers, 1 king, but NO CASTLE. to compensate for the lack of pop space from the castle, every player starts with +10 starting pop space (total pop space still capped at 200, or whatever value you selected) - players spawn further away from the edges, with the beneficial side effect that they spawn closer and at a more equal distance from the center, which is significant for game modes such as King of the Hill and Capture the Relic. Besides these practical changes an aesthetic change is introduced which **randomizes the forest terrain**. Weird combinations of trees and underlying surface can be generated, which can include the trees from Forgotten Empires, African Kingdoms, or Rise of Rajas. All trees are standardized (all have 20hp, and 100wood) so it is solely a visual update to the map. # Game mode-compatibility & custom settings if you hate the slow pace of forest nothing you might want to play it on turbo random. Maybe you like to add an extra objective such as a relic to capture, or a monument to control. And for even more excitement players could start with a king to protect (regicide) This Forest Nothing script allows any of these game modes (including capture the relic, which can be selected from picking 'relics victory') and will successfully generate the additional units/structures that go with this game mode. On top of that, I introduce an additional custom game-mode selection which is enabled by using the resources dropdown menu in the game room settings. This allows to **enable the regicide game mode ON TOP of the standard game modes** you could select. now you can combine: Regicide + King of the Hill Regicide + Turbo Random etc... **To enable regicide simply select Low Resources, in the game room settings.** ...But there is more! As an experiment I put the option in to spawn close together with your teammates. To select this feature of **teammates spawning close together you can choose Medium-resources** in the game room settings. To have both **regicide and the team close together you should select the High-resources option.** More information (and visual explanation) can be found in the Pamflet on the AoEZone post (Website). Enjoy your days as a lumberjack, Greetings, Henk **NEXT! GAME! FOREST! NOTHING!**