ECLTreasureIslands 2

by HenkDeSuperNerd

Each player will start on an island shared with an enemy. Each island will have plenty of resources, with dense jungle and a standard amount of food, stone and gold (per player). In the middle of each island there is a treasure: some ancient relics (2 per island), and some gold ore (9 tiles per island). Players can contest these resources by training substantial land armies, or they can rather focus on taking control of the seas, which are abundant in fish, and which will give access to the other islands. The islands are large enough to be safe from naval fire, although by giving up water control a large portion of the island (the shorelines) will be vulnerable. All islands will be completely surrounded by water.

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Versions: WK UP1.5

This map was HenkDeSuperNerd's submission for the Americas stage for the ECL map-contest read more here: [link]( All of Henk's submissions were collected in this voobly-mod: [link](