Battle Royale Land Nomad (AoC)

by HenkDeSuperNerd

In this Battle Royale map players decide themselves where to place their base - will they stay in the middle to avoid the storm for as long as possible, where they can benefit from the additional goldpiles, but risk becoming a target? or will spread around the map to utilize the abundance of resources, with the danger of seeeing their whole empire destroyed by the storm? Can you survive?

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requires UserPatch 1.5 This Battle Royale map is compatible with AOC/vanilla, and thus does not require any Mod. This map has the option to be played as a combined regicide+ King of the Hill to select regicide as part of the script, select LOW_RESOURCES in the gameroom. This will not have any affect on the starting resources. Doing so frees up the possibility to select other gamemodes such as King of the Hill The storm starts at 30minutes, and advances one level every 10minutes afterwards (30min, 40min, 50min, 1h, 1:10h, 1:20h) Players start without any villagers in the barren center and must spread out to find a suitable spot to build their town. NOTE: since this is an earlier version interaction with the animals at the map's edges can negatively influence the storm's mechanics.